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Spies implicated in Munir death
Munir (picture courtesy Right Livelihood Award)
Munir died from arsenic poisoning last year
A team investigating the murder of an Indonesian human rights activist has found indications that the country's intelligence agency was involved.

Munir died during a flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam last September, after his food was apparently poisoned.

A Dutch autopsy found a lethal dose of arsenic in his bloodstream.

The investigating team has no powers of prosecution, but will deliver its report to the president and will ask Indonesia's police to follow it up.

"There are indications of [the intelligence agency's] involvement... but we cannot say whether the agency was involved as an institution or whether it was just individual officers," said Asmara Nababan, deputy chairman of the fact finding team.

"We have the names of people who have played key roles, but we cannot determine how far is their involvement in the murder," he added.

Indonesian police have already named three suspects - Pollycarpus Priyanto, a former pilot who allegedly gave up his business class seat to Munir during the flight, and two flight attendants.

All three worked for state-owned Garuda Airlines.


The team said police should also open an investigation into the former chief of the intelligence agency, Abdullah Hendropriyono, and several of his deputies, including Muchdi Purwopranjono, the former chief of the army special forces unit.

Mr Hendropriyono has refused to testify in front of the investigating panel.

Munir took up the cause of numerous activists who disappeared in suspicious circumstances, and also spoke out against the abuses committed by the Indonesian military across the country during the rule of former President Suharto.

He once said he had lost count of the number of death threats he had received.

The activist is said to have sent an SMS text message from Singapore airport, where his plane made a stopover, to his wife telling her he was feeling ill. A few hours later he was dead.

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