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Last Updated: Monday, 22 November, 2004, 12:18 GMT
Locusts rebranded as 'sky prawns'
Karen Spellman sweeps up locusts in the central New South Wales town of Dubbo
The book's author says locusts are more nutritious than beef
Locals in eastern Australia ravaged by a plague of locusts could now take the ultimate revenge - eating them.

Two government workers have responded to the crisis by producing a specialist cookbook of more than 20 locust recipes called Cooking with Sky Prawns.

Co-author Edward Joshua said the "home delivery bush food" was nutritionally superior to beef.

Australia is suffering its worst locust plague in years, with millions moving across the state of New South Wales.

The locust plague has been sparked by the demise of the insects' predators during one of the worst droughts in Australia in the last 100 years.

The locusts' numbers have also been swelled by heavy rains which have triggered a surge in breeding. Vast areas of farmland have been devastated.

Mr Joshua, who is also acting agricultural protection officer with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, said it was hard to know when the swarms would be brought under control.

"We're really trying to keep a lid on the situation, and if there are crops on the ground and sheep and cattle to be sold next autumn, then we will have done our job," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

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