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Last Updated: Thursday, 11 November, 2004, 11:35 GMT
Pansy wine targets gay Australians
Sydney harbour
Pansy's makers hope to paint Syney pink
A New Zealand winemaker is launching a pink-hued wine for Australia's gay community and calling it Pansy.

Producers hope the rose wine will appeal to Sydneysiders, who consume $3.1m (1.6m) of alcohol each month.

The husband and wife team behind the drink said the wine was originally devised as a way of thanking their gay friends in the industry.

Described as "fresh, funky and fun", the winemakers say the blend was created as a bit of fun.

"Pansy is about friendship, kindness and generosity of human spirit," winemaker Erica Crawford said.

The winemakers said "Pansy" will be launched in Sydney next week at a nightclub along the route of the city's annual gay Mardi Gras.

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