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Last Updated: Monday, 8 November, 2004, 07:47 GMT
Sex case island picks woman mayor
Pitcairn's mayor Steve Christian
Pitcairn mayor Steve Christian was sacked after being convicted of rape
Pitcairn Island has selected its first woman mayor in its 214-year history after its former mayor - a convicted rapist - was sacked last week.

The Pacific island's governing council chose ex-mayor Steve Christian's sister, Brenda, to fill the post.

Mr Christian was one of six island men convicted in October of rapes and sex attacks over a span of 40 years.

Ms Christian will lead the 47-member island community until a formal election can be held on 15 December.

She was selected unanimously by the seven-member governing council of the tiny British colony.

She was previously the island's police officer.


Mr Christian was sacked by the British authorities after he refused to resign.

He was convicted of five rapes and sentenced to three years in prison.

His son Randy, who was also convicted of sex crimes, was sacked from his post as chairman of a key island committee.

The six men convicted of the crimes were handed sentences ranging from jail to community service.

They will not begin their sentences until next year at the earliest, as defence lawyers mount an appeal against British jurisdiction over the island.

If the sentences are upheld, the men will serve them in a cell block they helped build on the island.

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