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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 July, 2004, 17:47 GMT 18:47 UK
China's Olympic team stay cool
Chinese NBA star Yao Ming lights the flame in Beijing, as part of the 2004 Athens Olympic torch relay
China's athletes are not used to the scorching Athens temperatures
China's Olympic athletes are determined not to be put off by the heat of an Athens summer.

The team has been issued with specially-commissioned refrigerated jackets to keep them from overheating.

The suits are designed to be worn while the athletes warm up and during break periods.

They contain a special type of gel which, once cooled in a refrigerator, is able to keep cold for long periods of time.

According to a report in the People's Daily newspaper, the jackets can even be adjusted for different temperature extremes.

"If it is too cold, the jackets can warm an athlete after being heated in a microwave oven," the newspaper said.

Temperatures are expected to reach 40C during the Athens Olympics.


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