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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 October, 2004, 10:20 GMT 11:20 UK
Shanghai men seek chest implants
Increasing numbers of men in the Chinese city of Shanghai are reportedly opting for cosmetic surgery.

As women seek implants to increase their breast size, so men are seeking to boost their chest muscles, according to the Shanghai Daily.

The paper said most of those seeking surgery wanted to impress women, clients or their bosses.

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise in China and the country is soon to hold a "Miss Plastic Surgery" beauty contest.

Men's chest implants are similar to those sought by women, but are shaped differently and are stiffer, the paper reported.

However, doctors in the city warned that the surgery carried certain risks.


"To be frank, surgery is unnecessary," Liu Chunlong, from the Shanghai Renai Hospital, was quoted as saying.

"Physical exercise can create the same effect and it is safer."

He said his hospital had received 40 inquiries into such surgery this year and has operated on 10 patients, compared with just two or three last year.

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