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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 May, 2004, 14:52 GMT 15:52 UK
Chinese press relishes 'prisoner-gate'
Iraqi Prisoner
China's media says the pictures expose US hypocrisy

Newspapers in China have revelled in the embarrassment caused to the US by the pictures showing abuse of Iraqi detainees at Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

The US government, which always likes to comment on other countries' human rights situations, has finally had to shut up because of the prisoner abuse incident, which has shocked the whole world. Bush's apology was so reluctant, as if he were still hiding something. If more material is exposed, this prisoner abuse incident may well evolve into Bush's "prisoner-gate".

Beijing's Renmin Wang

Today, Iraq is like a mirror that reflects the US's ugly human rights violations. The scandals of human rights violations in Iraq have become a wonderful irony for this "guardian" and "judge" of human rights.

Huai Chengbo in Xinhua news agency

Democratic image of US and Britain shattered in Middle East and world.

Headline in Beijing's Beijing Qingnian Bao

Washington's self-proclaimed guardians of international human rights are facing a serious credibility crisis. The images clearly torpedo America's high-sounding words and phoney righteousness. Inhumane treatment of prisoners of war is unacceptable even in uncivilized societies.

Wu Yixue in China Daily

A few shocking photographs have triggered a prisoner abuse scandal, which has forced the US to face another war - the struggle to save its reputation. Compared with this, the military challenge the US is faced with seems to have become less important.

Ban Wei in Xinhua

For years now the US has been acting as the agent of heaven, taking "righteousness" as its own mission, dispatching forces to other countries at every turn and parading its military actions as the protection of freedom, democracy and human rights. But in this war people cannot help but wonder if there is any difference between the US and Saddam when it comes to trampling on human rights.

Beijing's Jingji Ribao (republished by Xinhua)

We cannot arbitrarily judge the anger of the "two Bs" [George W. Bush and Tony Blair] at the abuse of the prisoners of war as a show put on out of political necessity, and we cannot regard all moral opinion in the US and Britain as hypocritical.

Zhang Tianwei in Qingnian Bao

Some friends in Europe either know very little about China's human rights situation or have some doubts about it. In order to enhance trust, dissolve doubts and boost cooperation, Premier Wen Jiabao directly faced this issue during his visit to Europe. He used facts and reasoning to tell friends in various circles about the Chinese government's policy of respecting and safeguarding human rights.

Wu Yimin in Renmin Wang

Why is the Pentagon indifferent to the brutalities? One reason is that ill-treating prisoners seems to have become a customary practice in the US military... The prisoner abuse scandal has ruined the US' reputation... It is time for some American politicians to think over their own behaviour. They should give up their arrogance and sense of superiority, give up their unilateralist cowboy approach and return to the international community.

Li Xuejiang in Renmin Wang

This self-styled "guardian of human rights" is being subjected to the suspicion and scrutiny of the world's people.

Liu Aicheng in Beijing's Renmin Ribao

Such abuses of Iraqi prisoners of war by American and British soldiers form an extremely dishonourable human rights record. This record will undoubtedly be etched into the history of human rights in the US and Britain.

Guangzhou's Nanfang Ribao

The US military's abuse of prisoners has yet again aroused the anger of opponents of the war. Even pro-US figures in Britain are privately filled with anxiety, saying that "the US is now crazily destroying its own image around the world, and this is bad news for both Britain and the US".

Beijing's Guangming Ribao

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