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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 September, 2004, 21:20 GMT 22:20 UK
Scorpion woman ends record stunt
Nur Malena Hassan
Hassan spent more than a month with deadly roommates
A Malaysian woman has emerged from a room full of scorpions after claiming a record for living 36 days with the deadly creatures.

Nur Malena Hassan, 27, stepped out of the enclosure in the eastern Malaysian city of Kuantan, cheered by supporters.

She told reporters she had got what she wanted after being stung 17 times.

For more than a month Ms Hassan, nicknamed the Scorpion Queen, had shared a glass box in a shopping mall with 3,069 poisonous arachnids.

After ending her stunt on Saturday, she said she could not wait to get back to regular activities - like shopping.

"My mum is here and we're at a mall, so I'm starting right away," the Associated Press news agency quoted her as saying.

I got what I wanted after enduring pain from 17 stings and spending 36 days in there
Nur Malena Hassan
A spokeswoman for the Malaysia Book of Records said a video and other documentation would be sent to the Guinness Book of World Records in London.

Thousands of people visited the mall to observe the attempt, as Ms Hassan slept, ate, read magazines and watched television amid the scorpions.

She made no sudden movement, to avoid getting stung.

Second record

After five years of training, Ms Hassan has built up resistance to scorpion stings - but she can still faint if stung three times in quick succession.

A doctor was on standby to treat her if necessary.

This is not Ms Hassan's first stunt.

She first broke the world record in 2001, after spending 30 days in a box with 2,700 scorpions.

But a year later she was outdone by Kanchana Ketkeaw of Thailand, who lived for 31 days with 3,400 animals.

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