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Shrek the sheep faces his shearers
Man and Shrek the sheep
Shrek managed to escape the scissors for six years running
A sheep in New Zealand has become something of a celebrity after dodging the shearers for six years.

The 10-year-old merino sheep, nicknamed Shrek, is thought to have avoided his annual haircut by hiding in rock caves.

But his luck came to an end when he was spotted by Ann Scanlan, at Bendigo hill station on South Island.

She tried to sneak up on the animal, but despite carrying a fleece weighing nearly 27kg he managed to escape.

"Next thing Ann came screaming down the ridge [saying] 'I've just seen this thing'," said hill station owner John Perriam. "I sort of thought she'd lost her marbles really."

Another man, Daniel Devine, finally managed to capture the elusive animal.

Shearers estimate that Shrek's coat is so large it could provide enough merino wool to make more than 20 large suits.

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