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Last Updated: Friday, 16 April, 2004, 16:01 GMT 17:01 UK
Timeline: Hostages in Iraq
Iraqi militants have abducted a number of foreign nationals since violence erupted in Shia and Sunni parts of the country early this April.

16 April: Three Czech journalists are freed and declare themselves in good condition. They were captured outside Baghdad on 11 April.

16 April: A Canadian aid-worker, Fadi Ihsan Fadel, one of the first hostages to be taken (on 7 April), is reportedly freed and delivered to the office of radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada Sadr in Najaf.

16 April: A Danish man "is most probably being held", says the Danish government, following reports that he was kidnapped earlier in the week while working on a sewage project.

16 April: A Sunni cleric says a Chinese man is released after being kidnapped on Wednesday, but Chinese authorities do not confirm the report.

15 April: Three Japanese civilians, abducted on 8 April, are released unharmed. But two other Japanese are reported missing.

14 April: An Italian, 36-year-old Fabrizio Quattrocchi, becomes the first foreign hostage to be confirmed killed in Iraq. Three other Italians are still held.

14 April: French journalist Alexandre Jordanov, who was taken hostage with a colleague on 11 April, is freed.

13 April: Five Ukrainian and three Russian energy workers are released unharmed, a day after being kidnapped while relaxing in the courtyard of their Baghdad home.

12 April: Militants abduct four Italian civilians working for a private US security company. Releasing a video of the four, the captors demand the withdrawal of Italian troops from Iraq and release of all clerics held in Iraq. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says there can be no question of Italy withdrawing its 3,000-strong contingent.

12 April: Seven Chinese men are released, a day after being seized in Falluja. Two were injured in a car accident during the course of the abduction, but their injuries were minor and a Chinese official described the released hostages - agricultural workers apparently attracted to Iraq by high wages - as "fine".

11 April: Sunni militants abduct two French journalists on a road between Baghdad and Karbala. One is released the next day, but Alexandre Jordanov, an employee of CAPA television news agency, remains in captivity for a further two days. No demands received from the abductors, CAPA says.

11 April: A British contractor, Gary Teeley, 37, is released six days after being kidnapped in Nasiriya. He said he had been freed "with the help of Arab tribes in the region".

11 April: Three Czechs are reported missing. A two-man TV crew and a Czech Radio reporter are abducted north of Baghdad while travelling in a taxi to Amman, says the taxi firm.

9 April: A US truck-driver Thomas Hamill, 43, is seized following an attack on a convoy west of Baghdad. His captors threatened to kill him if the US siege of Falluja was not lifted 11 April - but there has been no word on his fate since then. The US military says two US soldiers and seven employees of American oil firm Kellogg, Brown and Root are still missing after the same attack. However, it is not clear whether they have been kidnapped.

8 April: Three Japanese civilians are abducted and are believed to be held near Falluja by a group calling itself the Mujahideen Brigades. Japan names the hostages as: Noriaki Imai, 18, a researcher; 34-year-old aid-worker Nahoko Takato; and photojournalist Soichiro Koriyama, 32. The militants release a video of the three being held at gunpoint and threaten to burn them alive if Japan does not withdraw its troops from Iraq. However, they are eventually released after a week in captivity.

8 April: Seven South Korean missionaries are freed after being held briefly near Baghdad. An eighth person escapes.

8 April: Iranian TV broadcasts video of 30-year-old Nabil George Yaacub Razzuq, an Israeli Arab aid-worker thought to have been abducted in the Shia city of Najaf. A previously unknown group, Ansar al-Din, demands the release of all Iraqis being held by coalition forces.

7 April: Canadian aid-worker Fadi Ihsan Fadel, 33, is abducted in the Shia city of Kufa. Mr Fadel was working for the New York-based relief group International Rescue Committee. His brother said he may have been mistaken for an Israeli spy.

Unconfirmed reports speak of other foreign nationals being abducted and then freed, including Turks, Pakistanis, a Nepalese, a Filipino and an Indian. At least some of them had been working as lorry-drivers for the coalition.

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