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Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 January, 2004, 11:53 GMT
Singapore reviews oral sex law
Singapore is considering decriminalising oral sex between consenting men and women, after a case involving a policeman highlighted a law which many in the city-state consider antiquated.

Junior Home Affairs Minister Ho Peng Kee said the law could be revised in two to three months.

He said that the government is considering decriminalising oral sex between men and women above the age of 16. A ban on homosexual fellatio looks set to stay.

The Singaporean public were outraged by a case involving a 27-year-old policeman who was jailed for two years last November for having oral sex.

Initially it was reported that the girl was 16 years old, and the public seized on the case as evidence that the government was old-fashioned and out of touch.

It later transpired that the girl was in fact 15, and that the man was prosecuted under a different law that prohibits sex with minors.

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