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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 November, 2003, 08:19 GMT
Hun Sen's nephew arrested
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen
Hun Sen has not commented on the allegations
The nephew of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has been arrested for allegedly taking part in a shooting spree in the capital last month that left at least two people dead.

Nim Sophea, the son of Hun Sen's sister, is alleged to have taken part in a car chase, which ended when the car he was travelling in lost control and crashed.

According to police, Hun Sen's nephew then fired an automatic rifle at passers-by. The authorities believe he may have been angry or drunk.

''We have determined that Nim Sophea was the shooter, but Nim Sophea himself has claimed to the (police) that he did not shoot, but that he was the one who tried to stop his friend who was shooting,'' said Heng Pov, a local deputy police commissioner.

"The authorities have worked day and night to make the arrest of Nim Sophea. He will appear in court later today charged with negligent driving and intentional murder," he said.

Nim Sophea's younger brother, Nim Chan Tana, was also summoned on Tuesday to the municipal court. It is believed he was also involved in the car race.

Cambodia has a reputation for violence. It is still recovering from decades of a civil war which left the country awash with weapons.

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