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Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 October, 2003, 12:31 GMT 13:31 UK
Apec disappoints region's media
US President George W Bush
The US saw the summit as an opportunity to raise security issues
Newspapers in some Apec countries are unhappy that the organisation's summit focused on US concerns about regional security rather than trade issues.

A new free trade pact between Australia and Thailand, however, does give cause for celebration.

Fighting terrorism is just as important to countries in the region as the United States. But the obsession with global terrorism may result in Apec being inadvertently hijacked for purposes which it is not intended for nor best equipped to do.

The irony is that the so-called breeding grounds of terrorism in the region can be closed down if Apec's original economic-oriented objectives succeed. There should be a conscious effort to steer Apec back to these founding aims. Inaction and indifference by member countries may see Apec drift into a quasi-security and political organization serving the agenda of a dominant power and its partners.

Kuala Lumpur's New Straits Times - Malaysia

The intention of some developed countries to turn Apec into a security forum during several summit meetings has been very disturbing. Although security is inseparable from the economy, excessive tendencies toward the issue can gradually erode the real pillar of Apec. Apec needs to focus on its original agenda - economic cooperation rather than security and political issues.

Kuala Lumpur's Utusan Malaysia - Malaysia

It is no surprise that security issues and terrorism will become reasons at the Apec forum for making all Apec members follow Western suggestions and directions for the sake of their own interests and benefits.

Medan's Waspada - Indonesia

The United States wants to switch the Apec forum, which should talk about the economy, to a political forum. The US domination in the post-Cold War world politics is very prominent. This country became the sole superpower, which causes fear in other countries. As a consequence, with its power, the United States always becomes the decisive party in many forums.

Jakarta Republika - Indonesia

We have not seen cooperation at the current Apec forum to produce anything concrete. On the contrary, we have seen the stands of the superpowers in various world economic, political and military situations. The United States has influenced every member country to share the anti-terrorist obligation. China has sent signals on its currency value, which is an important issue in the current world trade situation. Russia has no significant role in the Apec forum other than issuing invitation to foreign investors.

Bangkok Krungthep Thurakit - Thailand

Australia's free trade deal with Thailand brings early hopes that Apec can fulfil its original goal.

The Herald Sun - Australia

It is inevitable that a forum like Apec, bringing together the economic giants of China and the United States, will be dominated by their concerns. There is little point lamenting it. It is the way of the world.

The Dominion Post - New Zealand

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