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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 October, 2003, 09:42 GMT 10:42 UK
Chinese space shot a big hit

As China launches its first man into space, the mainly state-controlled Chinese press is fulsome in its praise of the achievement, with one paper calling it a "hero's expedition".

Shenzhou V blast off
Most papers are proud of the spacecraft's launch

Some dissenting voices are in evidence however on the bulletin board of the People's Daily, where one poster suggests the money should have been spent on Chinese workers.

Below are quotes from the main papers:

After 11 years of strenuous efforts of tackling difficult problems, the Chinese have finally fulfilled their dream of flying to the Ninth Heaven, or the highest of heavens on the basis of four unmanned test flights. This effort made China become the third country, after Russia and the United States, which independently develops manned space technology. At the same time, manned space-engineering has also made China become an important member of the international space club, providing China with the motive force for sustainable development in the impending implementation of the project of probing into the moon and deep space.

Renmin Ribao

This was a hero's expedition. This was a great expedition for the Chinese nation historically... The Chinese have longed for this day for so long. The Chinese nation has waited for this moment for a millennium... 'The five-starred red flag flutters in the wind, the victorious sounds of singing are resounding, singing of our great motherland'

Renmin Wang, web site of People's Daily paper

Without a doubt, the launch of Shenzhou V is an important event and grand occasion for the entire Chinese nation, and Hong Kong residents also feel equally honoured. We believe that the special administrative region government must grasp this good opportunity well, and carry out patriotic education through the Shenzhou V launch which can then enable the administration to run more smoothly from now on.

Ta Kung Pao, Hong Kong

Today is a day that all descendants of the Yellow Emperor have been waiting for... Six million Hong Kong residents will raise their heads and wait for the arrival of this exciting moment.... Today, the entire world is gazing at space and watching the launch of China's manned space flight. In a time of prosperity a powerful arrow will be shot, and the Shenzhou will be launched from the northern deserts. This can only make us raise our heads together and gaze towards the North, and heartily wish that the success of the Shenzhou V launch will be an historical chapter that increases the glory of the Chinese nation.

Wen Wei Po, Hong Kong

Such a pioneering and adventurous spirit is precisely what Chinese culture has been constantly lacking and constantly not placing importance on in the past; and in the arrival of today's 21st century and today's rapid changes from globalisation, such a pioneering and adventurous spirit is actually essential and necessary. If China's manned space programme and other space exploration plans can continue to promote such a spirit and can continue to inspire the Chinese to take steps into other unknown domains and domains which have not yet been explored, then this will not only benefit China's development, but will enable China to make a bigger contribution to humanity's development.

Apple Daily, Hong Kong

The following messages are posted on the Renmin Ribao message board:

Long live China! Long live the Chinese people! ! Long live the Chinese Communist Party! ! ! Long live the Chinese nation! ! ! ! While waiting for Shenzhou V to come back, the central leaders should, on behalf of the entire personnel involved in this project and Yang Liwei, express an even stronger voice to the world.

Although I could not attend and watch the launch live, I was so excited that the tears were flowing uncontrollably from my eye sockets. The Chinese have the ability and the spirit to conquer outer space and take on outer space, which fully shows China's comprehensive strength, and we feel incomparably proud.

Shouldn't the huge costs of the space programme go to the workers?

China does not need to mess around with the Shenzhou V! China's manned space flight is not the result of cooperation, and is also not the result of creativity. Therefore, this can only be propaganda to only inspire the people's morale! China does not need this, and just needs steadfast work, and to get involved in cooperation with the world's great space powers Only then can China's space programme lead the progress of China's other industries.

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