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Last Updated: Monday, 6 October, 2003, 04:12 GMT 05:12 UK
Oldest American dies age 114
A woman described as the oldest living American and the third oldest person in the world has died at the age of 114.

Elena Slough passed away in the state of New Jersey just three days after her 90-year-old daughter died at the same nursing home where they both lived.

Mrs Slough, who is believed to have been born in 1888, lived through seven US wars, 21 presidents, and 12 US territories gaining statehoods.

World's oldest woman Charlotte Benkner
Charlotte Benkner of North Lima, Ohio is the world's third oldest person
The world's oldest person is a Japanese woman Kamato Hongo, who turned 116 last month.

The world's second oldest person is believed to be 114-year-old Mitoyo Kawate, also Japanese.

Mrs Slough died in her sleep on Sunday at the Victoria Manor Nursing Home in the resort town of Cape May, an official said.

With her death, the oldest American and third oldest person in the world, is now Charlotte Benkner of North Lima, Ohio, according to the Gerontology Research Group.

The German-born woman will turn 114 on 16 November.

Last month, a retired Japanese silkworm breeder believed to have been the world's oldest man died at the age of 114.

Yukichi Chuganji drank milk every day, but did not consume alcohol.

There are an estimated 15,000 people in Japan over the age of 100, most of them women.

Japan has the world's longest life expectancy - 78 years for men and 80 for women.

The oldest person on record was a French woman, Jeanne Calment, who was 122 when she died in 1997.

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