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Last Updated: Wednesday, 6 August, 2003, 11:31 GMT 12:31 UK
Indonesian media's worries
Police at bomb blast site near JW Marriott hotel, Jakarta
Police are sifting the rubble for evidence

Newspapers in Indonesia fear that Tuesday's bombing of a hotel in Jakarta could severely affect the country's image abroad.

The consequences for tourism and foreign investment are particular causes for concern.

Just like the Bali bombings in October, the bomb struck the nation where it really hurts: at the reputation of Indonesia, and particularly of the government, in its ability to deal with the threat of terrorism. The impact on the economy will not be fully known for weeks but the nation must brace itself for yet another bumpy ride ahead.

The Jakarta Post

The accursed terrorists strike again. The bomb blast at the Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, has tarnished Indonesia's image in the eyes of the world. This country is considered unsafe to visit. In view of the mushrooming terrorist acts in Indonesia, the government must take serious preventive measures.

Medan's Waspada

We are fighting rampant violence. We don't know when the criminals will stop destroying this country. Yesterday the criminals once again assaulted Jakarta by bombing the Marriott Hotel. Once again all of us who are seeking to prevent dehumanization must vow to continue fighting these criminals.

Jakarta's Media Indonesia

The notoriety of the Marriott Hotel attack will surely be high and become a hot international issue because the building belongs to a US hotel chain. The bombing will certainly have a strong effect on tourism, foreign investment, and economic activity as a whole. The Marriott Hotel bombing is a serious test for the Indonesian nation.

Jakarta's Kompas

The Marriott Hotel bombing and blasts in other places will have no immediate or short-term destructive effects on democracy in Indonesia. Politically, Megawati's government seems to be strong enough to survive.

Jakarta's Kompas

A powerful blast, numerous human casualties, and foreign victims may have already triggered a negative international image that Indonesia is not a safe place. The Marriott bombing becomes a new test for the government and security personnel.

Surabaya's Jawa Pos

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