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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 July, 2003, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK
Chinese woman seeks perfect beauty
Plastic surgeon and patient
Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in China
A Chinese woman is to undergo six months of cosmetic plastic surgery in an attempt to change her entire appearance.

Freelance fashion writer and jewellery dealer Hao Lulu, 24, will have operations to transform her eyes, nose, chin, breasts, abdomen, bottom, legs and skin.

Miss Hao has said she hopes to be made into an "outstanding beauty" which will lead to a career in films.

Zhou Gang, a doctor who will lead the operating team, said her new appearance would only last for between three and five years.

The surgery has been criticised by doctors, who are concerned that it is an extreme publicity stunt by the hospital performing the operations.

Correspondents say cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in China as Chinese women become richer and more conscious of their appearance.

They say some Chinese women are seeking more Western looks, by altering the shape of their eyes and noses.

The demand has created a large number of plastic surgery businesses, some of which are unlicensed.

Seeking perfection

Evercare, the Beijing cosmetic surgery hospital Hao Lulu has turned to, has held press conferences to promote the "Beauty Dreamworks Project".

Miss Hao, who has been dating a Chinese-American man for the past three years, said beauty was not the most important thing and that a noble character should be most highly-prized in a person.

She said her boyfriend was fully behind her decision to have the surgery but she has not told her parents of her plans.

I think society today really needs more beautiful people
Hao Lulu
Miss Hao told the BBC's East Asia Today programme she had not expected the media attention when she was planning the operations.

"It's just a personal decision, I just wanted to become more beautiful," she said.

"As a girl I want to achieve a state of beauty, a state of perfection - not only on the inside but also on the outside.

"I also like others to see how beautiful I am, so that not only makes me feel good, others too. As society is developing, more people can accept the kind of thing that I'm doing."

But she was "really scared of pain" at the prospect of surgery.

"I started with double skin on my eye lids, got rid of the eye bags and also a nose job," she told East Asia Today. "All that was done at the same time. And it didn't hurt."

Other operations will realign her jawbone and work on her breasts, abdomen, bottom and legs.

Health plan

Miss Hao says she is not really worried about the long-term effects but she will work to keep the benefit of the operations.

"For example after the liposuction operation I will keep doing exercises to make sure the fat doesn't come back. I'll do my best to live a very healthy life to conserve the changes made through surgery."

Evercare has declined to reveal the cost of the project, which is being financed by an unnamed sponsor.

Hao Lulu
As a girl I want to achieve a state of beauty, a state of perfection

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