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Obama's health bid: Your views

Barack Obama
Mr Obama made an impassioned speech before an audience of students

US President Barack Obama has described a congressional vote on healthcare reform due on Sunday as a "historic" moment in a century-long struggle.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their comments about the vote.

This looks like pure fascism, with Republicans and Democrats being the extremist wings. I don't use corporate medicine, since it's not the best even if it is the most expensive. Look up the Hill-Burton act - which is still law. Under it we could establish (and build) clinics in each community that would be focused on community health and offer both traditional medicine and alternative approaches, and also offer preventative techniques. But neither of the two major parties is interested - at least in helping Americans with their healthcare.
Georgemarc, Boulder, Colorado, US

I think you should pass healthcare. At the present moment I don't need it. My daughter who had sarcoma cancer was able to live six-and-a-half years because she had good health care. I would feel really bad if a person who does not have the money to pay health insurance was denied good healthcare and the chemo treatments that are available because of no insurance. She also had to have radiation and blood transfusions. I realise doctors and healthcare providers have to be paid. I am also aware that she got to see all of her children get married and one grandchild because of good health care. She passed away January 4 2010. I will certainly be telling others why they should want health care to be passed.
Dorothy Shoemyer, Shelbina, Missouri, US

I hope the bill does not pass, like most Americans. The federal government does not have the constitutional authority to pass this bill. It infringes on state rights. No such large entity as the federal government can manage such an enormous part of the economy for people. They have not successfully managed programs that are smaller than this program (for example USPO, Medicare, social security etc). There is going to be civil unrest if this passes, I unfortunately predict.
Kevin Smith, Charlottesville, Virginia, US

I hope this bill passes. We can't afford the status quo any longer. It will be nice when the fear mongering has dissipated, or at least moved on to the next hot campaign issue.
Steve Tripp, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

The last thing we need is a health care system administered by the stupid politicians. Our current system works quite well, thank you.
Marty Patrovsky, Tenmile, Oregon, US

I am a college student who is fortunate enough to still be on my parents' health insurance. I am disappointed at how watered down this bill has become. I think the only solution to really fix the system has to include a government-run public option. However, not passing the bill would be worse than passing a disappointing one. If this reform is passed, it can be cleaned up and improved upon later as the years pass. I have my fingers crossed that the bill will finally get pushed through this weekend.
Julian Padgett, Boulder, Colorado, US

I oppose the healthcare bill. The US healthcare system is very expensive, but for the 85% who have insurance, the care is excellent. I agree we need to cover the 15% without insurance, but that shouldn't alter the healthcare coverage for the rest of us. Already government health agencies are calling for reduced care - for example, reducing mammograms for women over 50 from annually to once every two years. I believe this is because the government knows healthcare under its system will have to be degraded. Finally, I've lived in Spain, Italy, Germany and England - I do believe the care I receive in the US is better, although more expensive.
Fred Dinsmore, Burlington, Massachusetts, US

I am opposed to this bill because I fear the politicians in Washington are undermining the successes of the current private system. The private healthcare system in the US has provided much of the world's innovation in healthcare over the last decade and allows the people who have health insurance to receive prompt, high-quality service and care. However, I also believe that universal access to healthcare is vital for the well-being of our society, but I think the government needs to focus on extending healthcare to these people. The role of the government should be to help uninsured people receive healthcare under the current system which works well, not to overhaul the entire system all together.
Tom Herrmann, Milwaukee, US

This is a wonderful, historic moment and the very reason why I voted for Obama. He compromises, but is selfless, focused and extremely intelligent. A lesser president would have walked away when the distortions started to sway the less informed, and the self-interested began to worry about their own political hides. No, he invited the opposition in and even appeared recently on Fox news. Something about this man amazes me. He outclassed and outmanoeuvred his opponents. You know this president is good when the opposition is left with fear and hatred to garner support. His certainly isn't comprehensive health reform, but it is a watershed and solid foundation on which to build a great healthcare system. Nothing truly important and lasting happens quickly.
Andy J, Madison, Wisconsin, US

This kind of reform is exactly what the country needs. Once enacted, and it is demonstrated to be popular, Republicans will back off. They (the Republicans) have resisted most meaningful reform over the last 40 years; Medicare, environmental protection, creating a department of education. The list is lengthy.
John Willis, Los Angeles, California, US

I hope the bill passes. Too few people benefit from the current healthcare system, and too many suffer. I also agree with Dennis Kucinich that we need this bill to send a message of support to a president who has so much potential to do good, and who will do more good if we allow him to move on.
Mike Roberts, Clearwater, US

I am hoping that the bill will not pass, giving us more time to sort out actual health care reform rather than pushing through a bill that fulfils only the political necessities of the Democrats.
Al, Milwaukee, US

I do not support the health care reform bill proposed by President Obama. Although I agree that there are problems with our system, this is not the best way to fix it. The article did not mention that this is going to be funded by tax hikes for wealthy individuals' investments. I feel as though these increased taxes discourage Americans from accumulating wealth and investing that wealth into the American economy. I am also concerned with the fact that it is obvious that the majority of Americans and Congress members are not in favour of this bill. A fundamental part of a democracy is that what the majority of Americans want is what goes, and I don't believe there is a clear majority in favour of this bill.
Katie, Atlanta, Georgia, US

I am strongly opposed the healthcare plan. The real change needs to come from the market, not from the government. The government can't even deliver the mail without going bankrupt, so how are they supposed to manage health care of 30 million new people? Government interference is what caused prices to go up. Notice how on the chart, the prices start going up in the 1960s, which is exactly when Medicare was passed!
Kyle Johnson, Nashville, Tennessee, US

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Obama hails 'historic' health bid
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