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Toyota recalls: US readers' comments

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Toyota has recalled more than eight million cars in total worldwide

The US Transportation Department is investigating braking problems in the 2010 Toyota Prius after the car-maker admitted braking problems with the model.

Toyota has already recalled more than eight million cars worldwide over concerns about floor mats and accelerator pedals.

Toyota drivers in the US have been reacting to the news and sent their general experiences of driving their Toyota models.


I own a 2010 Toyota Prius and experienced the same issues. When pressing the breaks, the car jolts forward instead of stopping.
Paola Taddeo, Bridgewater, New Jersey

All three drivers of our 2010 Prius have repeatedly experienced braking problems. If you drive over a bump, pothole or manhole cover while braking normally at speeds under 25mph, the brakes will often disengage for about one second. If you remove your foot from the brake pedal and press it again, it works. As an engineer, I am absolutely convinced that there is a correctable defect with the braking system that could result in some drivers having accidents. I am disappointed with Toyota's lack of response to this problem.
Steve Sanislo, Springfield, Pennsylvania

We have a 2005 Camry. The car has developed a slight shudder when the accelerator pedal is moved past a certain point when accelerating and decelerating. I have not contacted my dealer but plan to do so soon.
Calvin Bouma, Holland, Michigan

I own a Toyota Camry 2006 model. I have experienced problems with the brakes in the snow that nearly caused an accident.
Arun, New Jersey

I own a 2006 Prius hybrid, and the accelerator sometimes sticks momentarily. This has probably happened five to seven times since I purchased the car.
Daniel Ogassian, Marina Del Rey, California

My 1999 Toyota Camry four cylinder also has an accelerator problem.
Felix Matthew, Raleigh, North Carolina


I have been driving my Prius since 2006. It runs perfectly and there's absolutely no problem with the accelerator. I don't believe there's truly any problem with the accelerator. My family has always had a Toyota in our driveway for as long as I can remember. We have also had other cars in the last 40 years, like US and German cars. And the worst cars we ever owned are unquestionably American.
Mary Lee, San Jose, California

I've been driving different models of Prius since 2005 and experienced no problems of any kind. In fact, I was pleased with how reliable these cars are. However, the speed with which the US Transportation Department jumped to investigate alleged problems with Japanese imports while overlooking numerous problems with poorly designed and built US-made vehicles smacks of protectionism.
Wojtek, Silver Spring, Maryland

I have a 2005 Prius. I have had no problems with the brakes, the gas pedal, or any other part. It's a great car.
Brian Summers, St Louis, Missouri

An automobile has thousands of parts assembled together. It is not uncommon that one of them might not perform to standards depending on who makes the part for Toyota. Still I'm a believer in the quality that people in the Toyota assembly plants put into their product. I built Toyotas for 18 years at the manufacturing site in Fremont, California, and now I sell them. I'm proud to drive a Corolla, and I don't feel embarrassed or in danger. Toyota will come through this temporary inconvenience.
Robert Contreras, San Jose, California

If I understand this correctly, this recall has occurred because of the pedal getting "stuck" under the floor mats? Replace the floor mats with smaller ones. This isn't a mechanical, structural or electrical deficiency. Toyota has engineered some of the best vehicles on the road today. My concern is how this issue regarding floor mats, will affect one the leaders in the automotive industry. I own a 2002 Toyota Sequoia which is used for search and rescue operations. I have not had a single problem with 200,000 miles clocked up.
Jim, Towson, Maryland

I have been driving my Toyota Matrix the last six years and I haven't had any problems with it. I bought it new. I would buy a Toyota again for sure.
Noor, USA

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