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US snowstorm: Your stories

Snowy trees in Virginia, US. Photo: Jonathan Heywood
Roads and restaurants are deserted

Much of the eastern US is in the grip of a winter storm, with a snow emergency being declared in Washington DC.

At least five deaths have been blamed on the weather, as forecasters warn of 35mph (56km/h) winds in what may be the worst snowstorm in a decade.

Here BBC News website readers explain how the adverse weather conditions have been affecting their daily routines.


Ananya and Annika Agarwal. Photo: Sanjay Agarwal
Ananya and Annika Agarwal measure the snowfall in Virginia

We're in a suburb of Washington DC where the weather has been really bad - we have only made it up to the edge of our own driveway.

We had to shovel every few hours or risk the snow accumulating, or icing over tonight.

There is not a soul on the streets, and there is almost a curfew-like situation.

It's still snowing and is extremely windy. We've had warnings not to venture outdoors in case chunks of snow slide off rooftops.

We are some of the fortunate ones who have electricity and heating - I know that many do not have that luxury tonight. Around 28 inches have fallen in our neighbourhood.

I measured it in three places, against the fire hydrant, against the mailbox, and against my four-year-old daughter Annika, just to get the most accurate reading.

All schools are closed anyway now for the holidays, but I work for IBM and we've been told all our offices in the DC area will remain closed on Monday.


Car covered in snow. Photo: Jonathan Heywood
Blankets of snow cover cars in Virginia

I am here on business and have been stuck in my hotel all day.

I'm trying to travel back home to Holland but my flight was cancelled.

I've since been told that I've been re-routed on a flight on Sunday via London and Paris, assuming the European airports are up and running by then.

Earlier, I ventured out with a few colleagues for dinner. We first had to dig out the car from under two feet of snow.

Roads were treacherous and deserted, and virtually all restaurants were closed.

We did find one that had a skeleton staff and a special "Blizzard 2009" menu on.

It is certainly the worst snowfall I have ever seen, except for when I've been skiing in the Alps.

TV stations have wall-to-wall coverage of the weather.

Everyone seems to be heeding the news reports and staying at home until this blows over.

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