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Dylan song adopted by climate summit: Your views

Bob Dylan
A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall is the unofficial anthem for the summit.

The United Nations has adopted one of Bob Dylan's songs, A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall, as its unofficial anthem for the talks at the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

BBC News website readers have been sending us their views on the choice of song and suggesting some alternatives. You can read a selection below.


It seems a shame that because the musicians of recent times have paid so little attention to the troubles of today's world we need to look to a song of another generation to express how we feel. Where is the voice for the modern conscience?
Leo Cutting, Leiden, The Netherlands

What Dylan meant at that moment is irrelevant to this usage of the song in this situation. It was powerful and evocative of widespread human concerns then and is again now. Art does not belong only to the time in which it was created.
Roberta Scott, Ventura, California, USA

"You can't always get what you want" by the Rolling Stones. Maybe this anthem would make nations to try harder for a decent compromise. That would be a good start on the rocky road to cleaner environment.
Eero Heino, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac?
Jody, USA

I thought Dylan's 'Blowing in the Wind' might be better, or REM's 'It's the End of the World as We Know It' (but the singer 'feels fine' about that!)So I would pick Hawkwind's 'We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago' which is specifically about environmental destruction and the danger of ignoring the signs.
Gary, Brighton, UK

This could well be the best bit of news to come out of Copenhagen.
Judith Lord, France

I'd like to challenge anyone to find a more apt song. It's been timeless since the first line was written.
Geoffrey Stanford, Holstebro, Denmark

Great choice of song. The comments made about "environmental alarmism" are the sort of thoughts that are going to hinder progress in the fight against climate change. The sentiments of the Dylan song are very relevant, and if it takes a song to focus attention on the problems being faced then so be it.
Ben, Leeds, UK

Maybe if more people had been really listening to Bob and Pete (Seeger) all these years we'd not be in such a scramble.
J Ponte, Sebastopol, California, USA

The song is the wrong choice. 'A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall' is about the aftermath of a nuclear war; it has nothing to do with climate change.
Peter Growns, Maidstone, UK

It's clear to me that, given the time in which the song was written, are about the destruction that atomic war would cause. Worldwide nuclear fallout would decimate forests and sea life, and the "roar of a wave" is probably the sound of the bomb itself. This is just another attempt at scaring the public into doing what the elite few want the masses to do.
Chad, Michigan, USA

Interesting that a song written in a era when scientists were certain we were entering the next ice age should be used at a time when environmentalists say we are headed for catastrophe caused by warming. Oh the cycle of fear is interesting. If they can't whip up a bit of fear, who will fund their research!
Daryl Snyder, Vlora, Albania

What does Bob Dylan think?
Gary Lee, Texas, USA

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