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US voters' views: Catherine Anne Smith

As Barack Obama marks one year since he was elected US president, we ask Republican and Democratic voters from across the US to reflect on his performance.

Catherine Anne Smith Administrator | Democrat

I am very disappointed with Obama's pro-military stance.

Catherine Anne Smith
Age: 58
Lives: Decatur, Georgia
Occupation: Administrator
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Unconventional, quick-witted, communicative, optimistic, feminist, family-oriented, fun, diligent

"I feel much more positive about Obama's presidency than I imagined I would.

Obama reaches out to other countries in a spirit of co-operation and collaboration. He addresses issues affecting women and girls throughout the world.

He has done well in uniting our country. I am especially pleased that African-Americans feel much more a part of our political process.

The bail-out seems to be working but I'm concerned about corporate responsibility. If corporations have the same legal protection as people, shouldn't they also have the same responsibility as people?

I want Obama's administration to hold corporations that have wrecked our economy - including those within the banking, healthcare, and military industries - accountable.

But I am very disappointed with Obama's pro-military stance, especially in advocating sending more troops to Afghanistan rather than withdrawing troops. The US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were, quite simply, wrong.

Continuing our occupations there is destroying our economy and our reputation.

Obama has not only failed to move toward peace, he is advocating further military aggression in Afghanistan, which means more war, less peace.

Awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize was a nice gesture, but if one speaks peace, but does war, no award is going to make that lie true.

Obama and the Democratic Party need more than three or seven years to achieve what we need. The Republicans destroyed so much of our country, it will take decades to repair."

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