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Timeline: Jaycee Lee Dugard case

Phillip and Nancy Garrido are in custody following the revelation that Jaycee Lee Dugard, who went missing in 1991, had been living in their backyard in California for 18 years, bearing two children to Mr Garrido. These are the main events of the case.

August 1988: Phillip Garrido was released from prison on lifetime parole after being given a 50-year sentence for the sexual assault of a woman in Nevada in 1976.

10 June 1991: Jaycee Lee Dugard went missing in the Californian town of South Lake Tahoe, close to the Nevada border.

A car at the Garrido property
A car at Garrido's home was said to resemble one used to abduct the girl

Her stepfather, Carl Probyn, said he saw the 11-year-old walk from home to a school bus stop, where a grey car pulled up. Mr Probyn said she was dragged kicking and screaming into the car, which he believed was occupied by a man and a woman.

June 1991: The case was featured on television's America's Most Wanted amid a massive search operation.

24 August 1991: Two suspects were questioned in Ceres, California, but no link was found.

10 June 1992: A vigil for Jaycee Lee was held on the one-year anniversary of her disappearance. Although the case remained open and, over the years, the missing girl's friends and family mailed more than a million photographs of her nationwide, no trace was found.

June 1999: The administration of Mr Garrido's parole was transferred from Nevada to California.

10 June 2001: A march was held on the 10th anniversary of the disappearance.

June 2002: A former priest's home in Truckee was raided in connection with the disappearance, but again no link was found.

November 2006: A neighbour of the Garridos alerted police to suspicious behaviour at their property in Antioch, about 170 miles (274km) from South Lake Tahoe. Police spoke to Mr Garrido but did not carry out a search.

April 2008: Mr Garrido registered a firm called God's Desire at his address in Antioch.

25 August 2009: Police spotted Mr Garrido as he handed out religious literature at the University of California Berkeley campus with two young children. He was ordered to report to a parole officer.

26 August: Mr Garrido, his wife, Ms Dugard and the two children attended the interview and Ms Dugard's identity was discovered. Ms Dugard later spoke with her mother, who had to be convinced it was not a hoax call.

27 August: Ms Dugard was reunited with her mother.

28 August: Phillip and Nancy Garrido pleaded not-guilty to 29 charges including kidnap, rape and false imprisonment.

29 August: Police extended their investigation to a house neighbouring the Garrido property.

28 April 2011: Phillip and Nancy Garrido pleaded guilty to charges of kidnapping and raping Ms Dugard.

2 June 2011: Phillip Garrido sentenced to 431 years and Nancy Garrido 36 years to life. In a statement read in the California courtroom, Ms Dugard said: "I chose not to be here today because I refuse to waste another second of my life in your presence."

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