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Internet chat 'dupes Castro son'

By Emilio San Pedro
BBC News, Miami

Fidel Castro
The Castro family has had a massive security cordon around it

A Cuban exile blogger from Miami says he used a female internet alter ego to gain access to a member of the usually impervious family of Fidel Castro.

Luis Dominguez says he used the character to begin an online relationship with 40-year-old Antonio, the son of ex-leader Mr Castro.

He refused to apologise for the deception, saying he wanted to show the "opulent lifestyles" of the Castros.

Cuban authorities have not confirmed or commented on the online chats.

Daily life

Many internet users have engaged in a series of flirtatious chats only to find the person they have met online is not who they say they are.

I use whatever tools I have to be able to get back at these people
Luis Dominguez

As anyone who covers Cuban politics and the Castro family knows, gaining access of any sort is far from easy.

The Castro family has had a massive security cordon around it for decades - in large part due to the many attempts to remove the island's communist government from power.


claudiacartagena82: Hi, sorry I know you wrote me last night

tonycsport: Yes

claudiacartagena82: But I wasn't at the computer. I saw it this morning. Did you get my picture in your email?

tonycsport: Yes, I'm looking at it. You sent the same picture twice

claudiacartagena82: Yeah but bigger

tonycsport: Yes, it's true

claudiacartagena82: I don't have that many photographs in this computer. I'll have to look for some more. The ones I have here are from a wedding

tonycsport: Well, as long as it wasn't you who got married hehehe

claudiacartagena82: No it was a friend's wedding. I'm single. It's because I work so much here, and in Colombia men are macho and I don't like that. I spend so much time searching for information and reading

tonycsport: Hehehe, very good. You know, I don't see myself as macho

claudiacartagena82: Tell me about yourself, are you single?

tonycsport: Yes

claudiacartagena82: Aa-ha

Extract translated from the original Spanish

Mr Dominguez used Antonio Castro's alleged weakness for young women and sports.

Mr Dominguez created Claudia, a 27-year-old Colombian sports journalist.

Claudia made contact with Antonio and they chatted on and off for an eight-month period.

Antonio shared details of his daily life in Cuba and his trips around the world with his uncle Raul, the Cuban president, but did not reveal any state secrets.

However, Mr Dominguez says that by showing what he describes as the opulent lifestyles the Castros live in a communist country like Cuba he has achieved his aim.

Mr Dominguez has published pictures and documents of his chats with the younger Mr Castro on his blog.

He refuses to apologise for violating Antonio Castro's privacy and says he has no regrets about what he did.

"I'm a Cuban and I'm a Cuban American and I have not been able to go back to my country since 1971 when I left.

"I use whatever tools I have to be able to get back at these people. In Cuba people are put in prison for no reason at all. Their rights are violated... So, why can't I do the same thing to them? I have no remorse whatsoever."

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