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Air France crash: Your comments

In France, a memorial service has been held for the passengers and crew of the Air France jet that disappeared over the Atlantic with 228 on board.

French aviation officials have said they may never find the flight data recorders of the jet that went missing over the Atlantic on Monday.

BBC News website readers have been sending in their tributes and reflections following the tragedy.


I work offshore in Brazil and live in London. Part of my crew was supposed to be in that plane but due to some delay in the project their flights were postponed.

Love saved me from being in that plane - maybe it was not my time

I was in Brazil on holiday and came back in the same AF flight on Saturday. I hesitated to buy the return for Sunday as I didn't want to leave my husband alone in London the whole weekend (as a sea farer I travel a lot already). Love saved me from being in that plane - maybe it was not my time. I would like to know who is the person from Subsea 7 that lost his life as could be any one of my workmates. I work for Subsea 7.
Carolina Vossier, London, UK

I cannot stop thinking about the souls on board this flight. One passenger, Graham, is a member of my family. I cannot think how their last moments were, but I hope that they have all found peace with their God. Some people may want to make sure they know exactly what happened to the plane to cause it to crash, but for me, I have had enough details and images and think it is time to pray that the passengers are resting.
Robyn, Kuwait

We are working in Esteleiro Maua Shipyard in Niteroi, Brasil, where Arthur Coakley was part of the project team. We are all deeply saddened by the news and our thoughts go out to his wife and family. He will be sadly missed, such a jovial friend.
Anthony Green, South Shields Tyne and Wear England

I am a regular flyer with Turkish Airlines and I am always concerned when the planes enter into turbulence. Luckily I travel on routes where the winds and storms are not very strong. I hope the passengers did not suffer much during the last moments of their journey. I send my condolences to the relatives of the passengers. We have lost one of our Turkish citizens on this flight, a female harp lady who participated in a concert in Brazil and was coming back home.
Dr. Halil Oktay, Istanbul, Turkey

One of my past classmates was on that plane. He was going back to his boarding school after his half term break. We only found out today and so much of our school is devastated. We will remember him, always.
Madeline Veale, Singapore

I have many Brazilians friends and acquaintances living in Paris and one of the passengers, who was the VP of the Latin American division, was in the plane

Rio de Janeiro - Paris Air France route is a very common flight among the employees of the company I work for. I myself did the same route barely one year ago. At least two of my current colleagues did that trip last week. I have many Brazilian friends and acquaintances living in Paris and one of the passengers, who was the VP of the Latin American division, was in the plane. I met him 14 years ago when both of us were trainees in México.
Eduardo J. Camacho, Pointe-noire, Congo

I work in the UK for a British engineering software house and I look after Latin America business development. I do travel a lot to Brazil and to other countries in the region. I have been on many Air France flights to Paris on the same or similar route, and the airplane model used is the same. I am totally shocked with this accident and I feel for all involved and for the families left with a long lasting pain.
Pedro Leon, Solihull, United Kingdom


It is tragic that so many human souls could perish just like that. It is not a loss for Air France alone or families that lost their beloved ones but for all humankind that have until now cherished strides in the aviation industry, especially with such a robust and modern aircraft. My prayers to the families and close friends of the victims of the ill-fated flight AF447 are that only God alone can ably console you. May the souls of our departed 228 passengers and crew members rest in peace.
Davies Nkausu, Lusaka, Zambia

Ms Ceren Necipoglu, the only Turkish citizen on the plane, was my classmate in secondary school. We also went to the same college, where she studied translation. She was a brilliant harpist and a faculty member of the Music Department of Anatolia University. She gave a concert in Rio de Janeiro and was returning to Istanbul via Paris. Her university announced that she left Rio earlier than she wanted, missing the concert of a favourite harpist, just because she wanted to be personally present during the final exam of her four students in Turkey. All her friends in Istanbul are deeply saddened. May she rest in peace.
Orhan Bilgin, Istanbul, Turkey

None of my family members or friends were on the flight AF447, but after hearing the news of the disaster I felt that all 228 people onboard were my friends and family members. May God be with the families of the 228 passengers.
Kuresh Hakim Chopdawala, Pune, Maharastra. India

It has rekindled the bitter memories we suffered in Kenya in 2007 when a Kenya Airways Airbus plunged into the forest in Douala, Cameroun. We lost our relatives, and I particularly lost a former college mate who had just joined the airline as a hostess. Losing a loved one in the ocean like this is tragic and traumatising. I am in deep prayer for the relatives of the perished passengers and crew members in that ill-fated plane.
Frank Otieno, Nairobi, Kenya

It is sad indeed. This reminds me of the time when we Zambians lost our national soccer team in the Gabon air disaster. I really pray for strength for all the families that have lost their loved ones. May their precious souls rest in peace. But what their families should know is that God has his own reasons for everything that happens to us and around us. They just have to trust in God because he is the one who gives life and takes away.
Prudence Mafuta, Lusaka, Zambia

I used to travel from Rio to London on the same route and remember air turbulence over the Atlantic. I can only imagine how it could have been. Whatever sophisticated equipment you have, everything is useless when nature is against you. I can only feel the suffering of the innocent people by this kind of unfortunate event
Arvind Mishra, Bhopal, India

I've tried to put myself into the shoes of the relatives and friends who were waiting for the passengers at the airport. Here they were trying to welcome and embrace their loved ones, waiting to hear all the details of their experience from abroad and instead there is silence. I can't imagine how shocking this must have been. I've flown many times across the Atlantic myself and experienced many turbulences, it could have happened to all of us travellers. It must be very distressing for the friends or relatives of the passengers not to see the bodies to get a proper closure. My heart finds no words to express my deepest sympathy.
Simone Kussatz, Los Angeles

I am moved to tears by this story. Although I am not French, Brazilian and there were no Vietnamese in this plane. It's a shock for people around the world. I hope the government of France, Brazil and other countries will try their best to find the plane.
Lan Chi, Vung Tau city Vietnam

From this tiny nation of the Pacific, I was really shocked when I learned of the news about this ill-fated Air France Flight AF447 over our local radio station, Solomon Islands Broadcasting Coporation (SIBC) a couple of days ago. I am deeply concerned about this air disaster and would like to share my sympathy and condolences to the relatives of the missing people and also to the Air France management for this great loss.
Gavin Trukumana, Sasamunga village, Choiseul Island, Solomon Islands

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