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Mexico arrests 'drug gang boss'

Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa arrives in Mexico City
Gamboa and his captors wore masks because of the swine flu outbreak

Mexican police have arrested one of the country's most sought-after suspected drugs bosses.

Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa was arrested in a raid on a house in the city of Matamoros, near the US border.

He is accused of being one of the kingpins of the notorious Los Zetas drugs gang, the armed wing of the Mexican Gulf Cartel.

Earlier this month the US government placed Los Zetas on its list of suspected drug syndicates.

Los Zetas is made up of former army officers.

Its activities range from drugs and human trafficking to prostitution rackets, and gang members are renowned for beheading their rivals.

Police consider Mr Gamboa, 44, to be a founder of the gang.

Weapons seized

Officers say they also confiscated weapons during the raid on the house, and arrested Mr Gamboa's wife.

Mr Gamboa, a former policeman, was flown to Mexico City after his arrest.

As well as being on a list of most wanted drugs suspects in Mexico, he is also wanted by the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

"Gregorio Sauceda Gamboa is accused of being active in organised crime," said Mexican interior ministry spokesman Javier Del Real Magallanes.

"He is charged with violating federal laws regarding the possession of firearms and explosives."

About 8,000 people have died in Mexico over the past two years in a vicious turf war by drugs gangs fighting over lucrative routes into the US.

The Mexican government has sent troops to the US border region to regain control of some areas.

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