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'I miss normal life'

Photo: Marcela Serrato
People queuing in the supermarket and wearing masks

Marcela Serrato is a business consultant who lives in Mexico City. She spoke to the BBC News website and described the feeling of uncertainty amongst residents.

For those of us living in Mexico City, everyday life has become like a thriller movie, full of suspense.

At every corner we are seeing very unusual things.

Shelves in supermarkets, especially the ones on pharmacies, are beginning to look empty and there is no trace of vitamin C, nor antiviral drugs. Items such as powdered milk are also running out.

What strikes me the most is that the bakery section no longer allows you to take the bread with the tongs and they have put a plastic curtain in front of it to prevent you from doing so.

All restaurants are closed but there are lines forming at the entrance of those able to sell takeaway food; people are getting cash out of ATMs with disposable gloves.

I miss normal life.

Photo: Marcela Serrato
A well protected statue of famous composer Agustin Lara

The swine flu coverage has overshadowed the rest of the news, and this has generated unnecessary panic.

The health secretary gave a very confusing press conference in which he said more than 150 people had died from atypical pneumonia but there were only seven confirmed cases of swine flu. This information is very difficult to differentiate and explain.

The media started interpreting it in many different ways, and this confuses the people even more.

There was also a lot of talk about the fact that neither the health secretary nor the President use face masks, and they should because they are heading the prevention campaigns.

There is a feeling of uncertainty and the authorities are not helping with their confusing statements.

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