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Voters' Views: Antoine Delaforterie

As Barack Obama completes 100 days in office, we ask Republican and Democratic voters from across the US to reflect on his performance.

Antoine Delaforterie Car designer | Republican

One word to describe Obama, Reid and Pelosi: delusional

Antoine Delaforterie
Age: 48
Lives: Troy, Michigan
Occupation: Automotive designer
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Political misanthrope wishes humanity the best but tempered by reality

"Instead of using his political capital to spearhead one issue and do it well, Obama has chosen to storm all the ramparts with all his weapons in an economic 'shock and awe' gambit.

He is attempting to sate all his interest groups at once instead of building on smaller victories. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds in six months.

Delusional. There, one word to describe Obama, Reid and Pelosi. The election wasn't a referendum to become a socialist state. It was ABB - Anybody But Bush.

I have a vision of Tim Geithner pulling a cart down main street, yelling 'bring out your dead'. I have a brother and four close friends that are unemployed. If you haven't lost your job, companies have frozen, rolled back or eliminated benefits.

The stimulus package has been a morass from the word go. Problems that were usually addressed in series are now in parallel. City managers will face a scarcity of labour and higher costs in the fat years but once the projects are done? Back to unemployment and crumbling roads and a clamour for more.

Foreign policy has always been a weakness of Democrats. They live in a fantasy world where they believe that if America only did nice things to the likes of Russia we'd be loved again in the UN.

Keep Guantanamo open. It is Frankenstein's monster of the modern international legal system where the good guys are held to a ridiculously high standard of propriety while the bad guys can do what they want.

The Democrats won by saying: 'We're not the Republicans or George Bush'. They won't be able to use that next year or at the next general election. For the Republicans to win, they have to leapfrog Obama with answers to problems that are palatable to the majority as well as showing resistance to taxation and fiscal restraint."

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