Ethical Man: Reborn in the USA

I'm the BBC's Ethical Man. My family and I spent a year doing everything we could to try to reduce our impact on the environment.

Ethical Man Justin Rowlatt
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We stopped flying, got rid of the car, changed the way we heat and power our home... but we only reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. Clearly the efforts of ethical men and women acting alone are not the answer. So what is?

I'm travelling across America in search of solutions. Each American is responsible for 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, more than twice that of the average European.

The idea of the trip is simple. If we can solve it here we can solve it anywhere. But, as Ethical Man, I have to keep my environmental impact to a minimum. Of course I'm going to fly from Britain, but after that my challenge is to get around in the most low carbon way possible. We'll be travelling 6,500 miles, so that is not going to be easy.

You can track my progress on the map and watch our video reports along the way. Please give me advice, I want your thoughts on what we need to do as societies to make the cuts in emissions that are needed. And if you are in America, and inventing a climate change solution in your garage, please let me know.

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