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NY crash jet had earlier problem

Passengers await rescue on Hudson river
The crash-landing and rescue efforts made headlines worldwide

The US plane that crashed into New York's Hudson River had engine problems two days earlier, US investigators say.

They say the US Airways Airbus A320 had a stalled compressor on 13 January.

The investigators have now confirmed that a collision with a flock of birds caused the plane to lose power and ditch in the river on 15 January.

All 155 passengers and crew of Flight 1549 from New York's LaGuardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina, survived the landing on the Hudson.

They were rescued by boats from the sinking aircraft - the captain, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, was the last to leave.

The wreckage of the plane was lifted by crane from the icy waters on Saturday and moved to a marina for closer inspection.

US National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Peter Knudson said on Monday the examination of the plane's maintenance records had shown there was an entry in the airliner's maintenance that indicated a compressor stall on 13 January.

Mr Knudson said the plane had had a different pilot that day, who would be interviewed by the investigators.

BBC map
1 1526 local time (2026 GMT): Flight 1549 takes off from LaGuardia airport
2 1527 (2027 GMT): Pilot Chesley Sullenberger reports birds hitting engines
3 1528 (2028 GMT): Pilot told to land at Teterboro airfield
4 1531 (2031 GMT): Pilot ditches plane in Hudson River

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