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Attacked jogger takes fox for run

Gray fox (Picture from Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona)
Wild foxes are a common sight in Arizona

An Arizona jogger had an unwelcome companion on a recent run - a fox, hanging on to her arm by its teeth.

The rabid animal had attacked her foot and then as she grabbed its neck, it bit her arm and would not let go.

She ran a mile to her car, where she managed to free herself, wrap the fox in a shirt and throw it in the boot.

It later bit an animal control officer and both jogger and vet received anti-rabies injections, and the fox was confirmed as carrying the disease.

The woman, from Chino Valley south of the Grand Canyon, had been running for a mile when she came across the fox in a clearing.

Although it did not initially appear aggressive, the animal attacked her feet as she backed away, before moving up towards her knee.

When she grabbed the fox by the neck, it closed its jaws around her arm and would not let go, despite her attempts to choke it.

Fearful that it was indeed rabid, she ran to her car and managed to free herself and trap the fox in the boot, before driving to a local medical centre.

A statement released by the local Yavapai County Sheriff's Office notes that "it is very difficult to prevent the attack of a wild rabid animal once in progress.

"Although containing the animal for testing is beneficial, immediate treatment is always the priority."

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