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Voters' Views: Andrea Economos

Barack Obama has been elected the first black president of the United States.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the results and look to the future.

Andrea Economos Full-time mother | Republican

My hope is that Obama has learned there's more to improving the lives of Americans than organising a community in protest

Andrea Economos
Age: 51
Lives: New York
Occupation: Full-time mother
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Friendly, generous, fun-loving, disciplined, inquisitive and persistent

"I am proud that our country has elected its first African American president, and I hope he remains an inspiration to all our minorities. He is loved by many people around the world. Americans seeking international approval will certainly have cause to celebrate.

President-elect Obama has always been very liberal. Even his prior work on education was more social action than education. My hope is that he has learned there's more to improving the lives of Americans than organising a community in protest.

As president, Obama will now be responsible for every aspect of our economy, not just the underprivileged. Taxes can be a cause for good or a drain on an economy. Let's hope he learns quickly and adjusts his plans accordingly.

Obama's challenge will also be to shed those early, misguided beliefs of Chicago and learn to govern a country, which is much more centrist than he. His re-election will count on it."

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I wish every voter was like Ms Economos. She has a clear disagreement with Obama's actual positions on issues, rather than with vague and exaggerated generalisations - like he's a socialist! Though I personally disagree with her conclusions, I respect her reasoning much more than that of many Obama voters who voted for him for irrelevant reasons, eg his race.
Sam, Princeton, NJ

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