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The US election: Your video reactions

Democratic Senator Barack Obama has been voted President of the United States. Throughout election day BBC Have your Say asked for your points of view on the voting process, your expectations and the end result.

BBC News website readers sent their views on the election as it happened using video upload sites Phreadz, Seesmic 12Seconds and Qik. Readers also uploaded their videos using the BBC upload page.

Here is a summary of some of the videos we received.


Online video from 12Seconds where those who responded mostly support Obama

The community on the video website proved to be predominantly Obama supporters.

Pleased with the election result, they also had concerns about the political decisions America was making with a view to Prop 8, the measure restricting marriage to heterosexual couples.


Online video communities react to the election results

The online community were electrified, moved and elated by the election result.

International video commentators wished their American friends well and others connected the experience with the election of President Kennedy and even the moon landings.


Your reactions

While Americans vote, the international community talks about how it sees the election and some show support for candidates even though they cannot cast their own ballot.

The video conversation websites show people from all over the world summarising their expectations and talking about the atmosphere where they are on the day of the election.


BBC viewers' footage of voting in the US election

Heading out to the polling stations, people take their phone and stream the experience live to the web.

Some voters arrived early to the polling stations. Some of the people shooting videos are part of a group of reporters who have been covering the turnout in Florida for the website, who want to see how different population groups vote.

With thanks to the citizens online at Seesmic, Qik, Phreadz and The Uptake.

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