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Videos from the US: early voting


BBC News website readers have been sending their videos of voting in various places in the US.

Steve Garfield sent us footage of the queue in Boston, Massachusetts, where voters arrived early to the polling stations.

Stephanie Jimenez in Miami is part of a group of reporters who have been covering the turnout in Florida for the website, who want to see how different population groups vote.

Laird Killeen from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, talks on his video about the results he is expecting in a region badly beaten by the financial crisis.

And JP Luna from Santa Paula, California, filmed himself right at the moment after voting.

They sent their images of voting as it happened using the video upload site Qik and to our own website.

Send us your own account! To find out how you can send us videos or upload them on the Qik, Phreadz, Seesmic and 12 seconds websites, read the instructions here.

See early video comments on the elections

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