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US Election Quiz - 3 November

Barack Obama and John McCain

How closely have you been following the US presidential race this week? Test your knowledge of the news with this quiz.

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Question 1
Senator Barack Obama said there was something he didn't know about his Kenyan aunt. What?
A: She is living in the US illegally
B: She is the one who named him Barack
C: She is a Republican
Question 2
Which well-known politician is said to have been approached by Barack Obama to be his chief-of-staff?
A: Chicago Mayor Richard Daley
B: Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel
C: Former secretary of state Colin Powell
Question 3
What caught Alaska Governor Sarah Palin off guard this week?
A: A prank call made to her by a comedian pretending to be President Nicolas Sarkozy
B: A couple of moose, which broke into her home
C: Her baby Trig's first word - "Joe"
Question 4
What did Cindy McCain say she and John McCain do every election day before the returns come in?
A: Go to their favourite breakfast spot, vote and go fishing
B: Vote, go for a long walk and play scrabble
C: Vote, go to see a movie and eat Mexican food
Question 5
Mr McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. He joked about considering a few "last minute strategies" to help boost him in the polls. Which one was not mentioned?
A: "The Reverse Maverick"
B: "The Double Maverick"
C: "The Do Whatever Palin Wants"
D: "The Sad Grandpa"
Question 6
By Friday, how many early voting ballots had been collected in 25 early voting states?
A: 4 million
B: 17 million
C: 23 million
Question 7
Whose endorsement of Mr McCain did the Obama campaign feature in a recent television ad?
A: President George W Bush
B: Vice-president Dick Cheney
C: Former British prime minister Tony Blair
Question 8
What politician's previous comments about Mr Obama have the Republicans turned into automated voice messages now being sent to millions of voters in crucial battleground states?
A: Senator Joe Lieberman
B: Former governor Mitt Romney
C: President George W Bush
D: Senator Hillary Clinton
Question 9
Sarah Palin has asked Alaska Senator Ted Stevens to step down. Why is she pushing for his resignation?
A: Mr Stevens was found guilty of lying about gifts he received from an oil company
B: She wants to run for his seat in the senate
C: She wants Mr Stevens to become her chief-of-staff if she is elected to the White House

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