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Voters' Views: Philip Craig Leiter

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has reached out to US voters in a half-hour, prime-time advertisement underlying his dominance of the airwaves.

Here Republican and Democratic voters share their views on the commercial and the Democrats' advertising advantage.

Philip Craig Leiter Student | Republican

The commercial could give Senator McCain a jump in the polls as everyone loves the underdog

Philip Craig Leiter
Age: 18
Lives: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Occupation: Student
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"The airing of a 30 minute advertisement is not completely unusual - it used to happen in past elections.

But the fact that Obama did pay so much to run the commercial brings up the question - is this election actually fair?

Senator McCain accepted federal funding for his campaign so his financial resources have been limited. Obama should have also accepted the same conditions for his campaign, to make the election fairer.

This huge spending on advertising shows the nation how desperate the Democratic Party is. But hey, if I was running and I had the money to have 30 minute infomercials I would have as many as I could.

This commercial will have little impact on voters' views. It could actually give Senator McCain a jump in the polls as everyone loves the underdog."

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Isn't it ironic that Obama always seems to love the word "fairness" but not when it comes to funding his campaign. There have been so many examples of his hypocrisy that I'd use up all the bandwidth in listing them.
Diane, VA, USA

The half-hour infomercials were overkill. We get it that Obama has enough money to dominate the airwaves & that he loves to talk about himself. He proved what an egomaniac he is with these infomercials.
Scott Simon, Northridge, CA, U.S.A.

Who's fault is it that McCain chose to be funded federally? As far as I see it it's his own fault. They had the choice and he chose to go federal. His loss. If you get anything out of this you should get that Obama chose wisely and has (at this point in time) come out on top.
Jan, Canada

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