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Voters' views: Jason Rodriguez

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has reached out to US voters in a half-hour, prime-time advertisement underlying his dominance of the airwaves.

Here Republican and Democratic voters share their views on the commercial and the Democrats' advertising advantage.

Jason Rodriguez Lawyer | Republican

Obama's ability to control his message has been a real problem for McCain

Jason Rodriguez
Age: 26
Lives: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Lawyer
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Young attorney with a conservative and world view on politics

"The broadcast seemed to be a reiteration of what Senator Obama has been saying. In that respect it didn't make any real difference to me because there was really nothing new. I think the commercial may have actually hurt Obama by showing a little more of his liberalism than some centrist voters would like to see.

Barack Obama's advantage in fund raising, and by extension his advertising, likely has had a material effect on the election.

Obama's ability to control his message and McCain's inability to counter point has been a real problem for McCain. I can see that even in Texas, where I have seen several Obama TV ads and almost none from McCain.

But I don't think that there should be a cap on fund raising, provided there are appropriate controls. To some extent, the ability to individually donate is an extension of the democratic process.

This will be a very close race. With Obama in the lead I think McCain will have to re-focus his message to be able to close the gap in the polls."

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You're right in the sense that it was a reiteration - ie nothing new and that Obama campaign took advantage of their financial situation.

However, I think they had to do what was necessary which was to 'advertise' their campaign to the vast populous, many of whom are undecided or uninformed.
Sankar, Perth, Australia

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