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Voters' Views: Michael Kundak-Cowall

Barack Obama has been elected the first black president of the United States, declaring: "change has come to America".

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the results and look to the future.

Michael Kundak-Cowall Student | Democrat

A man named Barack Hussein Obama has won the presidency. America! What a land of opportunity!

Michael Kundak-Cowall
Age: 18
Lives: Chelsea, Michigan
Occupation: Student
Last election voted:
Too young to vote
In 10 words or less: Honest, diplomatic, open to debate

"Fun stuff! We had a party in the local student union building with TVs set to nearly every news channel possible.

Nearly everybody cheered when a state was declared for Obama.

I'm pleased there'll be at least two years of both a Democrat-controlled Congress and presidency - a pleasant reversal of the 2002 elections. That will probably be enough time to enact the top-priority stuff on the left's agenda before the inevitable 2010 backlash returns at least one of the Houses to the Republicans.

I voted for Obama, of course. For the most part, I voted a straight Democrat ballot excluding the incumbent Republican county commissioner, who's done a decent job, and a few third-party candidates for minor local offices.

One of the major questions I hear from people outside the country is: why aren't many third party candidates elected to office? And I've finally figured out part of the puzzle - they never run for anything besides president.

For local positions, nearly every office was a race between the Grand Old Party and the Democrats - with the Libertarians being the only minor party consistently running candidates and the Green Party putting one or two lone people on the ballot.

A man named Barack Hussein Obama has won the Presidency. America! What a land of opportunity!"

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Michael! We've loved following your thoughts through the BBC. Many Greens ran this year. A two-party system really hurts third parties. We're calling for a different voting system: IRV - instant run-off voting. It's often tough to get people to run. How many students at your school have ever run for anything? Even for the board at the university? There's so much more to the third party issue - you'll have some fun doing research on this issue. We're so glad for you and for youth participation.
Susan and Tom, Traverse City, MI USA

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