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Voters' Views: Tammika Waddy

Barack Obama has been elected the first black president of the United States.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the results and look to the future.

Tammika Waddy Real estate agent | Democrat

This victory has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I'm elated, ecstatic, overjoyed. I can't contain myself!

Tammika Waddy
Age: 32
Lives: District Heights, Maryland
Occupation: Consultant and real estate agent
Last election voted: Democrat
In 10 words or less: A mother, independent, cultured, spiritually aware, a realist, tasteful, humble and honest

"It's wonderful! Everybody was shouting praises of victory, blowing their horns, shouting and celebrating!

It gives me a sense of belonging knowing that someone who really cares about the American people is at the helm now.

Obama won because the people of America want change. He won because Americans finally realised that our voices mattered and they showed up in record numbers to cast their votes.

Barack won because of excellent marketing, an excellent vision, excellent preparedness and an excellent team of advisors and supporters. John McCain ended any chances he had when he picked Sarah 'the joke' Palin as his running mate.

This election is monumental! It's like the freeing of the slaves. It means that much to me. I'm so excited. This victory has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I'm elated, ecstatic, overjoyed. I can't contain myself!

Every African-American should feel empowered. Change has happened! And I'm so glad that I'm here and able to see it for my own eyes. I feel such peace, knowing that our children have a better world to look forward too. I thank God for this!

And I just want the people of the world to know that this was not a victory for black people alone. Yes, president-elect Obama is an African American but he represents all the people of America, not just black people."

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