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Voters' Views: Jessica Ross

Barack Obama has been elected the first black president of the United States.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the results and look to the future.

Jessica Ross Student | Democrat

I'm just so proud to have participated in the election of our first African American president!

Jessica Ross
Age: 23
Lives: Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Student and administrative assistant
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Compassionate, spontaneous, opinionated, patient, idealistic, Christian, loving, frank, objective

"I'm very relieved by this outcome. I'm just so proud to have witnessed and participated in the election of our first African American president! This is a truly historic day.

Obama won the election because of many things. The economic crisis, our desire for change and the way he inspires people all played to his advantage. And I believe had McCain picked a more qualified running mate, he would've had a better chance.

Most Christians in this country will not be happy at all with this outcome.

There has already been a lot of division within the Christian community over this election.

Many Christian Obama supporters have been ostracised by the religious community for their political views - for prioritising the need to be 'our brother's keeper' over the possibility of the reversal of Roe versus Wade - the Supreme Court ruling on abortion.

I would like to believe that America will be looked at in a more positive light after electing our first African American president.

But I am concerned about how Obama will handle the crisis in the Middle East. It will certainly test him.

I also wonder if Obama will lead as a liberal, as his voting record suggests, or if he will move more to the centre, as he implied during his campaign.

This result does give me a more positive opinion about my fellow Americans and their desire to come together for the cause of change.

Hopefully, it will lift the spirits of many Americans who are affected by the housing and economic crises."

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