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US Election Quiz - 20 October

Barack Obama and John McCain

How closely have you been following the US presidential race this week? Test your knowledge of the news with this quiz.

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Question 1
Sarah Palin said this week that she and John McCain had similar views on taxation to which of the following:
A: Jane the Plumber
B: Bugs Bunny
C: The Reverend John Mayhew
Question 2
In which crucial state did early voting begin on Monday 20 October?
A: Maine
B: Florida
C: California
Question 3
Governor Sarah Palin made a campaign stop in Bangor, Maine this week. Besides Maine, what is the only other US state that divides its electoral votes on a district-by-district basis?
A: Iowa
B: Nebraska
C: Colorado
Question 4
What significant leader endorsed Barack Obama, calling him a "transformational figure?"
A: Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell
B: Current US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
C: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
Question 5
Sarah Palin's appearance on Saturday Night Live garnered the comedy show's highest overnight ratings in 14 years. During the "Weekend Update" news skit, comedienne Amy Poehler mentioned several Alaska stereotypes in a rap song. Which of the following did she not mention?
A: Eskimos
B: Oil drilling
C: Closeness to Russia
D: Smell of fish
Question 6
The Obama campaign raised a record $150 million (86 million) during the month of September, bringing the total number of Obama donors to slightly more than three million. What did the campaign say was the size of the average campaign donation?
A: $25
B: $86
C: $200
D: $1235
Question 7
Which of these well-known conservative newspapers, has for the first time in its history endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate?
A: Wall Street Journal
B: Chicago Tribune
C: The Dallas Morning News
Question 8
Joe Wurzelbacher, better known as "Joe the Plumber," has something in common with Sarah Palin's family. What is it?
A: He once lived in Alaska
B: He competes in snowmobile races like Sarah Palin's hubsand, Todd
C: He wears rimless Sarah-Palin-style glasses when reading
Question 9
Which former contender for his or her party's presidential nomination was not in the audience of the third and final presidential debate in New York?
A: Hillary Clinton
B: Mitt Romney
C: Rudy Giuliani
Question 10
What event provided the two presidential candidates with a break from campaigning and instead allowed them the opportunity to poke fun at themselves and each other?
A: Hillary Clinton's birthday dinner
B: A joint appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman
C: A charity dinner
D: The Saturday Night Live after-party

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