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Voters' Views: Tom Taber

Barack Obama and John McCain have clashed in a fractious final TV debate before the US presidential poll.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on how the candidates performed.

Tom Taber Retired | Democrat

I feel frustrated by both candidates' statements on the economic crisis

Tom Taber
Age: 58
Lives: San Mateo, California
Occupation: Retired
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Optimistic, outdoor-oriented, physically fit, unconventional, non-conformist, sceptical of authority

"John McCain went on the offence more than the previous debates.

McCain effectively used 'Joe the plumber' to make his case about taxes. However, Barack Obama responded to McCain's charges and was calm and self-confident.

I think they both did equally well, but McCain needed to do better in order to change the tide at this point. Neither candidate covered any new ground.

I feel frustrated by both candidates' statements on the current economic crisis. In all three debates they were asked what programmes they would cut in response to the deteriorating economic condition. They have consistently evaded this question.

McCain said he would cut a marketing assistance programme and ethanol subsidies. Obama's only specific example was a $15bn insurance subsidy.

I don't think they are being straight with the American public. We shouldn't have to wait until after the election in order to hear the truth.

At this point I am strongly inclined to vote for one of the third party candidates. California will go for Obama anyway, so he doesn't need my vote."

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Like Tom, I too voted for my party's candidate, Cynthia McKinney as a matter of principle but am happy at the election of Obama over McCain. However, my fears are opposite of Tom's. I worry that the Democrats will continue to not go far enough in their "swing to the left" and find excuses not to make bold moves on alternative energy, climate change initiatives, national transportation - specifically railroads - and restoration of civil liberties. There are yet Democrats in Congress who are more conservative and narrow-minded than some of the more moderate Republicans. I hope that as president, Barack Obama can sway more in his own party toward more assertive and progressive action.
Michal Mudd, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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