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US election quiz

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How closely have you been following the US election campaign? Try out our quiz to test your knowledge.

This week's quiz covers topics and events from the race for the White House during the past year. From next week, we will post a new election quiz every Monday that will reflect the past week's political news.

Question 1
What food was banned from the Democratic National Convention in order to make it a more "green" event?
A: Packaged food
B: Meat
C: Fried food
Question 2
Which candidate joked on NBC's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, "My Social Security number is 8?"
A: Barack Obama
B: John McCain
C: Joe Biden
Question 3
When asked whether US forces should cross the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan, which candidate responded by saying, "If that's what we have to do to stop the terrorists from coming any further in... absolutely, we should."
A: John McCain
B: Barack Obama
C: Sarah Palin
Question 4
Which director made a short film that aired during the Democratic National Convention?
A: Michael Moore
B: Clint Eastwood
C: Steven Spielberg
Question 5
Roughly how many miles to the east of Russia is Alaska?
A: 55 miles
B: 105 miles
C: 335 miles
Question 6
Senator Barack Obama gave up smoking cigarettes, at wife Michelle's request, when he announced his bid for president back in February 2007. Has he been able to stay smoke-free?
A: No - He told reporters in June 2008 that he had smoked cigarettes several months earlier
B: Yes - He told reporters in June 2008 that he had been successful at quitting smoking, despite many temptations
C: No - He told reporters recently that he had one cigarette before the first presidential debate
Question 7
Who had more campaign offices open in Alaska prior to Sarah Palin becoming the Republican running mate?
A: Hillary Clinton
B: Barack Obama
C: John McCain
Question 8
Whose speech was interrupted by three protesters during the convention?
A: Barack Obama's
B: Hillary Clinton's
C: John McCain's
Question 9
Which candidate introduced his wife to the public for the first time by saying, "My drop-dead gorgeous...She also has a Doctorate degree, which is a problem."
A: John McCain
B: Joe Biden
C: Barack Obama
Question 10
When asked during a CBS 60 Minutes interview whether the US was in a recession, which candidate said, "Sure. Technically, I don't know."
A: Sarah Palin
B: Barack Obama
C: John McCain

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