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Voters' Views: Samantha Cramer

Voters have questioned Barack Obama and John McCain in a town hall-style debate dominated by the financial crisis and foreign policy.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on how the candidates performed.

Samantha Cramer Software engineer | Republican

McCain took hold of the debate from the beginning and carried it with humility, kindness and class

Samantha Cramer
Age: 21
Lives: Manassas, Virginia
Occupation: Software engineer
Last election voted:
Too young to vote
In 10 words or fewer: Open-minded, inquisitive, speculative, passionate, optimistic

"In one word, Tuesday's debate was powerful. I was left with a great sense of pride in my choice of candidate but also a growing disdain for Obama's arrogance.

During the course of the debate, Obama reverted to his technique of speaking casually to 'connect' with the audience and broadening his answers until they are completely off-topic.

McCain took hold of the debate from the beginning and carried it with humility, kindness and class.

McCain's answers were concise and certain, without a hint of doubt in his voice.

As Obama smiled smugly in the background, McCain firmly explained the flaws of his opponent's thinking using intelligent, detailed and explanatory statements, emphasising his experience.

I hope people who watched the debate observed not only what the candidates said, but also what was left unsaid.

If they noticed how Obama skirts around each question to avoid answering it directly, and how his statements were never spoken with certainty or confidence, then they must see that the best choice is John McCain.

After seeing the prior debates, I could not be more confident in my support for the McCain-Palin ticket."

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