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Voters' Views: Jill Putnam

The two vice-presidential candidates have gone head-to-head for their only televised debate.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the performance of the two candidates.

Jill Putnam Student | Republican

Palin was articulate, truthful, witty and authentic

Jill Putnam
Age: 46
Lives: Cleveland, Georgia
Occupation: Student writer
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Strong-willed, honest, political junkie, patriotic, ambitious and funny

"I thought they both did well, but Palin wins on so many scores. She was articulate, truthful, witty and authentic. She wins for being Sarah.

Neither of the candidates made any major mistakes. But fact checking has already begun and we'll know tomorrow for sure.

Palin did much better than either Obama's press spokesman or the US media had hoped.

Sarah was tough, sharp and kept eye contact with the American people.

For her to hold her own and rise above in a debate with a 35-year Washington-insider explains why unscrupulous people in both parties don't want to deal with her.

Sarah said that Americans should hold those accountable who lend us money. She was also right to directly tell Americans that it was time to stop living beyond their means. Not many politicians have that kind of courage.

Her expertise as governor of Alaska is uniquely suited for our energy crisis. Her quick reception of Colombia's leader in Washington shows an instinct similar to Ronald Reagan on foreign policy.

On foreign policy I was glad to Palin's backing of Israel and her support for freedom and American exceptionalism. In particular, I liked her closing remarks about how we don't want to tell our grandkids how America used to be free."

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Jill Putnum hit the nail on the head and that is why the McCain/Palin ticket will win in a landslide. Socialism does not work.
Cynthia A. West, New Orleans, Louisiana USA

This is in reply to Cyntia A. West's comment. Socialism does not work. Let's think about this for a moment. Info USA, an American website, shows that (in 2003) the United States scored below countries such as Finland, the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Sweden etc. and tied Latvia for combined mathematics and literacy scores for 15 year olds. Clearly socialistic societies are terrible for education. Let's not even get started on health care.
Brian, Canada

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