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Voters' Views: Antoine Delaforterie

The two vice-presidential candidates have gone head-to-head for their only televised debate.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the performance of the two candidates.

Antoine Delaforterie Car designer | Republican

Biden won the healthcare issue simply by deriding any reform promised by a McCain-Palin ticket

Antoine Delaforterie
Age: 47
Lives: Troy, Michigan
Occupation: Automotive designer
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Political misanthrope wishes humanity the best but tempered by reality

"Both candidates seem to more or less agree over the financial bail-out plan. But the middle class has to endure a perfect storm of rising healthcare costs and increased taxation that is threatening our financial well-being.

So while Senator Biden and Governor Palin both promise to cut taxes while inhaling, they both talk of cutting carbon emissions while exhaling.

Who do they think will pay for carbon credits? I've already heard some politicians saying they want to put carbon credits on homes and automobiles. And a credit is a tax.

Mr Biden won on the healthcare issue not be describing a Democratic plan, but by deriding any reform promised by a McCain-Palin ticket.

And no Mr Biden, the healthcare system is not a free market. Its costs are high because it is so heavily regulated.

But I urge Mrs Palin to put more meat on the skeleton proposals that promises $5,000 tax credit toward healthcare. And anyone who has dealt with the healthcare system knows, there is safety in numbers but individuals on their own are treated badly.

Watching the debate both candidates remind me of the fictional charter boat the SS Minnow which ran ashore in the TV series Gilligan's Island.

After an economic cruise we have been washed up on the shores of an economic malaise. But fear not - the professors of the Senate, a bit late with the bucket, have a bail-out plan and will save us even if we are stuck on the island for four long years."

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