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Voters' Views: Carlos Martinez

The two vice-presidential candidates have gone head-to-head for their only televised debate.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on the performance of the two candidates.

Carlos Martinez Metal worker | Democrat

I was hoping for more of a debate on the economic collapse

Carlos Martinez
Age: 37
Lives: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Unemployed metal worker
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Critical, optimistic, curious, concerned humanist, proud father

"The resounding reaction will be that Palin did better than expected and so 'won' the debate.

I disagree though. To me she came across as very studied in her delivery and therefore particularly creepy and untrustworthy.

The weirdest thing was her non-answers to questions. It was very Bush-esque.

I was especially appalled by Palin's closing statements about how much she and McCain love freedom - which of course implies that Biden and Obama don't.

I was hoping for more of a debate on the economic collapse that is unfolding as we speak. But the 'debate' ended up as more of a 'he said, she said' playground argument.

The change in the debate format that eliminated follow-up questions definitely helped Palin evade questions she didn't like.

But Biden did a good job of repeating his points and sticking to the strengths of his ticket's platform.

I especially appreciate Biden repeating the point that we spend as much in a few weeks in Iraq as we have in seven years in Afghanistan.

Did Palin's performance change my opinion of her? Only in that I'm more afraid of her now that I know she wants to redefine the office of the vice-president and expand its powers into the legislative branch a la Cheney. Creepy."

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Great comment, one of the very few by your voters' team members that indicates to me that Martinez was watching the same debate I was. He is particularly cogent about the implied threat by Palin to continue the creep of the imperial presidencies, nominal and vice. This is one of the worst things the American people has allowed to happen in the past eight years. We do not need any more folksy front people a la Bush to disguise this authoritarian evil.
Margaret Shirley, American sojourner in Canada

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