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Voters' Views: Andrea Economos

White House hopefuls Barack Obama and John McCain have clashed over foreign policy and the economy in their first debate.

Here Republican and Democratic voters from across the US reflect on how the candidates performed.

Andrea Economos Full-time mother | Republican

McCain may not be as smooth as Obama, but he has better instincts

Andrea Economos
Age: 51
Lives: New York
Occupation: Full-time mother
Last election voted:
In 10 words or fewer: Friendly, generous, fun-loving, disciplined, inquisitive and persistent

"Instead of McCain's losing his cool - as many had predicted - I would say Obama had more difficulty keeping his.

McCain may not be as smooth as Obama, but he has better instincts and a world view seasoned by experience.

Neither candidate did a great job of describing the particulars of the financial bail-out or its future impact on our economy.

But McCain had a better grasp of the nuts and bolts of foreign policy. Obama spoke in hypotheticals and about what we 'should' do. McCain drew upon his own experiences and was thus more convincing, especially with respect to Pakistan.

McCain also did a good job of rebutting Obama's attempt to direct attention away from Iraq to Afghanistan and to claim that we're 'overly focused' on Iraq. He explained they are part of the same battle and will require the same strategy and effort.

My favourite line was McCain's on Obama's preference for talking with our adversaries: 'When sitting with Iran's President Ahmadinejad - who's just said he would wipe out Israel - what are you going to say?'

I also like McCain's closing statement about knowing how to restore America's relationships, as demonstrated by his ability to restore and heal our relationship with North Vietnam.

Obama had a great point, though, on McCain's attacks on earmark spending - the funds congressmen procure for their home districts. Obama compared the relatively small amount at stake compared with the much larger sums needed for McCain's tax cuts."

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This view and Ms Economos's previous views have been consistently the clearest, most balanced, and most thoughtful of those published by the BBC. Keep it up!
David, Vancouver, Canada

Although I used to like McCain for his 'maverick' acts in Congress, he seems to have lost that. He is now preaching the party line on foreign relations. The policy of isolation has failed miserably yet McCain seems to want to continue more of the same.
KC, Denville NJ, USA

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