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Voters' Views: Sumit Galhotra

Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic Party's nomination to run for US president.

Here eight Democratic voters reflect on the party's convention and look forward to the general election.

Sumit Galhotra Graduate student | Democrat

Each speaker reminded us of the principles the Democratic Party stands for

Sumit Galhotra
Age: 24
Lives: New York
Occupation: Graduate student
Last election voted:
In 10 words or less: Activist, worldly, liberal, cosmopolitan

"History was made when the first person of colour officially accepted the party's nomination.

Barack Obama's speech has clearly demonstrated how much in touch he is with the average American.

He has without a doubt established that if elected, he would be the people's president.

The convention was exactly what we needed - giving the party a jump start following the divisive primary season.

Each speaker reminded us of the basic principles the Democratic Party stands for.

I particularly appreciated Speaker Nancy Pelosi's words. She was absolutely correct when she said Obama's Republican rival John McCain had experience - the experience of being wrong.

Barack, in his relatively short time in politics, has shown good judgment, whereas McCain's voting record is almost identical to President George W Bush's.

Hillary Clinton's speech was electrifying. More than anyone, she has the power to re-energise the party's base again. Her words did just that when she reaffirmed her endorsement for Obama and said, 'This is a fight for the future.'

I sincerely hope Hillary supporters will unite behind the right candidate - Barack Obama.

It makes me terribly nervous to see Obama's lead in the polls shrink. Republicans may not be good at managing the White House but they're certainly good at attacking the Democrats.

I hope Obama and vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden can show that it is the Democratic Party that is the party of values. We believe in equality and justice."

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