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Voters' Views: Tammika Waddy

Barack Obama has accepted the Democratic Party's nomination to run for US president.

Here eight Democratic voters reflect on the party's convention and look forward to the general election.

Tammika Waddy Real estate agent | Democrat

America needs change. Obama represents that change

Tammika Waddy
Age: 32
Lives: District Heights, Maryland
Occupation: Real estate agent
Last election voted: Democrat
In 10 words or less: A mother, independent, cultured, spiritually aware, a realist, tasteful, humble and honest

"Now we're ready for the next chapter in the history of the United States.

Everything Barack Obama touched on in his speech is important to me - particularly his ideas on health care.

We need to refocus the system so it is dedicated to healing the sick - rather than just making the insurance companies rich.

I also liked Obama's promise to cut dependence on oil. We do need to reduce carbon-emitting fuel.

The convention did bring our people together - although there are still some who are not fully behind Barack.

Hillary Clinton could have been more vigorous in her support for Obama.

But I liked the way she told her supporters that now was not the time to abandon what we have all been fighting for - and that Obama must be president.

We need to see more of Hillary over the next three months. She needs to campaign for Obama as hard as she did for herself.

Moving to the election, I think anybody who votes for McCain must be crazy.

America needs change. Obama represents that change. We are in deep trouble financially. I have clients who are losing their houses because they can't sell them. It seems that every other house on their block is being repossessed.

In the last eight years the rich have become even richer and the poor even poorer."

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